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HTML Editor - Full Version 各式自動雙液點膠機、PU發泡機、三軸點膠機、客製化機種設計製造。 點膠機、發泡機耗材銷售。 應用範圍: 電子零組件封裝、接著、電源供應器導熱防水封膠;光電產業面板貼合、接線盒封膠、LED模組防水塗膠;傳統產業如製鞋、RTM複合材料、人造皮革、機能布塗布等運動產業。

2-component metering mix dispenser, PU foaming machine, 3-axis robot design & manufacture. Dispenser accessories. Electronic component encapsulation, bonding, adhesive, power supply potting. LCD panel lamination, sealing, terminal box sealing, potting, LED module potting. Shoe sole, gel, foam insole, RTM molding, artificial leather, functional textile coating.

When using Ray Think 2 component dispenser, user has to apply part A & part B respectively into the machine reservoir tanks. The A & B parts will be pumped out from metering pumps under tanks and transfer into the mixing valve separately. No contamination in between and therefore there is no curing and blockage issue in the pipes.

When the 2 parts flow into mixer, the spiral element will force resin and hardener to be properly mixed for potting. User can perform single shot or multiple shots to make sure the product is completely covered.

Mixer is disposable; however, by using the solvent tank, it can be washed for reuse to reduce waste.

RT dispenser is using gear metering pump driven by reduction motor and or servo motor. This design is easy to adjust flow speed and setup the required volume. No pressure fluctuation and idle for recharge from piston pump system.

Standard RT-10 & RT-20 are fixed ratio design. The required mixing ratio has been tuned before delivery. No adjustment required by user.

Variable ratio is available for RT-30 model. With the twin motor design, user can easily change the mixing ration from control panel. For material has various properties against ratio, this function create flexibility and benefits.

Except basic features, RT dispensers also design several advance functions such as maintenance warning, anti-gel purge & warning, mixing cleaning, multi-step shots…etc.

Not only for manual operation, all RT series dispensers are compatible with other automations and robots to create efficiency, quality, and value.